Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Amazing Etsy!

Buona Notte!
Sometimes I find it fun to browse the wedding section of Etsy to not only find cool things to add to my wedding collection but to inspire my own creativity by checking out the creative ideas of others! Click any of these pics to reach the Etsy page on which they were found!

Personalized Bird Seed Favors

I love this handmade belt! I love her dress too!

 This gorgeous French Chic dress, wold be so fun to wear during the reception!

 I totally want one of these handmade personalized stamps!

I love all of these beautiful and handmade and not for a bad price either. The cool thing about Etsy is that you still get that handmade feel (and love) but you didn't have to do it. Sometimes there are things that you just can't make on your own or maybe it isn't worth the time and money. A DIY wedding is A LOT to do all on your own. And if you're anything like me- a "I'm going to do the whole thing myself so that it can do it my way" type it's hard to just give the control over to your family to just handcraft something that you may have a imagined in a particular way in your mind. No offense to my own family of course, I'm just a control freak...and a perfectionist :) Maybe your family doesn't really want that responsibility-that can be a lot to take on! With Etsy you can see a picture first so you know what to expect when you order it.

Anyway, I came across this really awesome Etsy Shop called Go Rustic and I love soooo much of their stuff! Here are some pics of the amazing things that I want!

So many lovely things! I may need to order something :)

Happy Etsy-ing


  1. some of those wedding bands are awesome, mines gunna be rockin ;)

  2. oh. my. god. that french chic dress took my breath away. that wallpaper is totally adding to its beauty too.

  3. Hello,

    Thanks for featuring my hand-made wedding items in your blog! Please let me know if I can answer any questions about anything.