Friday, July 27, 2012

Days fly by!

Ahoy there!

Let me start by saying I'm SO excited for my bridal shower tomorrow! EEEEEeeeee!

Kc came down last weekend and we finished up with our sponsor couple and the priest and the deacon the weekend before that! It feels good to be crossing things off the list!
  1. Wedding Bands
  2. DJ (yep, we ended up going DJ- request songs!!!)
  3. Parents outfits
  4. Invitations (designed, printed, sent)


But there are things that aren't crossed yet- yikes!

  1. Make table Squares
  2. Ceremony Music/ Musicians (let me know if you you know a violinist or cellist!)
  3. Finish up ceremony details
  4. Figure out hair and make up
  5. Get accessories
  6. Take care of alcohol for reception
  7. Make MORE decorations
  8. Get rest of mason Jars
  9. Order favors
Ok I have to stop making this list, I'm getting nervous!!! No, I feel pretty good about where we are at the 2 month mark- or a few days less now! 1 month, 26 days WOW. 

Kc and I worked on making Chalkboards last weekend too. Yep, he really is helping in all this crazy planning ;)

Happy Friday!