Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Defining Your Style

The hardest part about decorating my own house is that I like so many different styles. It's hard for me to make up my mind and go for it because I change my mind every other day. Since this is the first home we'll have for more than a year it makes it that much harder! Before now, I could just go for it knowing that a year later I'd be starting fresh again. This time, I'm trying to make design choices that I know I'm going to enjoy for a long(er) time. I also know that I get bored and like to be able to change things up, which means I try not to do anything that can't be undone easily or that costs a lot in case I do change my mind.

I've especially been struggling with our bedroom. I want a retreat that is bright and cozy; something that feels calm and clean, yet romantic. I love a fresh white room. But I also love the high drama (and warmth of black walls. I love modern and tradition all at the same time!

Gorgeous & Inspiring Master Bedrooms
Good Life of Design
Gorgeous & Inspiring Master Bedrooms
West Elm
Gorgeous & Inspiring Master Bedrooms
Desire to Inspire
Gorgeous & Inspiring Master Bedrooms
Dwellings By Devore
Gorgeous & Inspiring Master Bedrooms
Dust Jacket
Just picking out my favorite images off my pinterest board for this post was enlightening. Clearly I love crisp white bedding, shades of black and white, and natural elements. Sometimes pinterest can be overwhelming! If you're struggling with a room in your home you should try the same thing- pick out your favorite five images and see what their common elements are. Maybe next I'll put together a mood board, or maybe this was enough. I'll keep you updated!



  1. These rooms look so nice. Good finds lov me gusta <3

    1. Ha! Thanks, love! I'm glad you we just have to get to work on it!