Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Barbecue? I think yes. Thanks Kate.

September is almost here which means we are at the one year mark...which means we really need to start planning! So Kc and I were discussing food options since we haven't even really thought about it much before tuesday, no, Monday. I was originally trying to keep away from anything too terribly casual as far as food goes because the reception is already taking place in a barn and I didn't want it to feel too country. But the more I've thought about it, the less I imagine us sitting around eating Chicken Marsala or Filet Mignon. I just want something really tasty! And no one wants to eat really heavy food (or what I call winter food) on a late summer day. 

So why fight it? All along I knew what I want.
I want pulled pork, pit beef, roasted vegetables, maybe a baked potato and
macaroni & cheese station (not together but a choose your toppings type deal),
THE WORKS. Coleslaw and Baked Beans for those who like it.
Pasta Salad and Grilled Peaches. Not together. But you get the idea.
It's messy, different and most importantly delicious! 

WOAHHH Right now, no kidding, I'm listening to Pandora and Kate Nash comes on and says: Barbecue food is good.
A SIGN. Barbecue it is.
Here are some inspiring pics of a barbecue style wedding found on Ruffled:

I love the idea of using funky furniture. I'm dying to have a cool old couch!
You know how I love mason jars...this would give me an excuse to buy tons of them :)

So anyway, thanks to Pandora and Kate Nash, I think the decision has been made. Sounds yummy. Sometimes you have to listen to your gut and feel what's right. I also think it is important to let your venue to influence your decisions. After all, you don't want large aspects (or small for that matter) to feel out of place. And your venue really sets the mood. So if your venue is a Ballroom-do it up! If it's your local park- maybe go with a picnic style reception. Stay true to your own personal styles.

Happy Planning!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Giirlll, that's my style!

Yes, emma. That is the title of this blog. Because it just fits so perfectly! Today Kc and I were discussing possible catering options and what we want to do about food (more to come on that soon!) and I came across some wedding pics on Green Wedding Shoes. I saw this awesome girl with this awesome belt and vail and wanted to yell, "DAMN girl! That's my STYLE!" (long story of where that come from. Take a look:

It's her grandmothers belt and veil from the 1940's (supposedly, not too sure that belt is actually from the 1940's but apparently it is, whatevs.) Anyway, I just LOVE it. She looks so gorgeous, and I just love her hair...which I think I could possibly pull off, what do you think?! 

And that necklace, just gorg. P.s. I want pockets. Time for more dress shopping, eh mom?

Happy Planning!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

DIY seating cards and favors!

Now that I'm back at school, starting a few new jobs (no big deal!), and attempting to get situated in our new apartment (not to mention starting classes) I am just just over my head in STUFF. I keep thinking when will I ever get a break and then I remember that is what those last 3 months were supposed to be HA! Sometimes it's hard balancing current life with plans for future life and when you begin to get overwhelmed it's tough to stay motivated. In times like these I refer to my handy dandy INSPIRATION BOARD! And i dig deep for that inspired feeling. 

In the midst of all that digging I came across a few ideas involving DIY mustache/bird seating cards and DIY Sweetheart Tea bags that are cute as can be. Here are some pics of what I found:

The cards are made using a hand carved rubber stamp, I would do mustaches for boys and birds for girls! You can find the tutorial on this great blog called Lovely Indeed.

The handmade tea bags would make adorable (and delicious!) favors and were found on one of my favorites, The Sweetest Occasion. I love how easy it would be to personalize them using the birds and mustaches instead of hearts or by using our wedding colors instead of pink and blue. Sometimes it's ok to steal someone else' idea and add your own touch...right? ;)

Happy Planning...and good luck balancing!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

S'mores at my wedding?! Please and Thank You!

Despite the fact that my last blog was on dessert I saw this idea and just had to share it with you immediately! S'MORES! At a wedding. Who would have thunk it? But it's such a cozy idea that would be in expensive and require hardly any preparation. Plus the thought of having fire always appeases me being from my pyro-obsessed family (half of my uncles have set themselves on fire once or twice!).

And look at the adorable little grass thing they've set it up in- just amazing! And what a great way to get your guests involved in something fun and tasty. So yes, please and thank you!

Happy Planning!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sweets on my Mind

So I sorta fell off the face of the earth for a little while there. But we all get busy! Kc and I have been in too many states in too few days from South Carolina to Philadelphia to Long Beach Island. But great things have taken place! Like moving into our new and nice and roomy apartment! I can not wait to get decorating. So to be honest the wedding planning was put on a little bit of a pause but it's time to get inspired! By CAKE!

So yes, I'm craving some sweets and therefore thought that I could write a blog on cakes...or cupcakes...or pie? The truth is is I'm not totally sure what I want. I LOVE the idea of pie. It just feels so warm and comfortable and homey to me. But Kc LOVES cake and I think a lot of our family might be a little saddened if we didn't have any. Here are a few beautiful cakes that I love:

All off them beautiful...all of them very different. The third picture reminds me of the dress I really like except the cake may be more over the top ha! But I love that they would go well together. I also really like the idea of having just a small cake to cut with several different desserts to choose from. That way I can satisfy the taste of more of my guest!
I also really wanted to incorporate the bird and mustache theme into our desert by possibly doing cupcakes! So as you can see I'm a little all over the place on this one but I know some cake tastings will get me in order! Not to mention I think it will be Kc's favorite part! ;)

Happy Planning!