Friday, March 30, 2012

A Beautiful Wedding


I came across this GORGEOUS wedding the other day on a lovely blog called Grey Likes Weddings and I just had to share it with the world.

Although it's a bit more formal than we are going for I hope to capture a bit of elegance in our own way. Because after all, the day should feel extra special and the decor should capture a bit of that as well. This is just a beautiful wedding through and through. You should really check out the rest of the pics. :)

Happy Planning


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Things are getting done!


It's been too long and I do apologize. So many things are happening and I am just finally finding a little time to write about it. Although I should be doing homework instead. 

So many vendors have been hired since we last...communicated? We had an amazing cake tasting a few weeks back and a baker has been hired! Delicious spice cake and red velvet will be served! I love these two sets of picture...totally different but both simple. Both, I believe, were found at Style Me Pretty.

A photographer has also been chosen and he is just the nicest! Levi and I hit it off immediately and I am so excited that he will photographing our wedding because he's amazingly talented. You should really check him out at his website. He's a little preview...Levi I hope you don't mind!

I chose this picture because I just love the idea of taking the soil (i'm guessing) for each of their hometowns. That would be neat for a couple like Kc and I who live a few states apart!

His style is just so artistic but not overdone which is difficult to achieve not to mention he is the coolest guy! And has great taste in music which is always a good sign!

We've also found a florist! Wendy was down to earth and knew her stuff, which is perfect because I don't really know anything about flowers. I hardly knew what I really wanted other than Hydrangeas and Sunflowers! There will also be a bit of Thistle, Queens Anne's Lace and another yellow flower I can't pronounce or even begin to spell. Our bridesmaids will look a bit like this:

Grey Likes Weddings
 And I think that's even the same little yellow flowers on the right that I can't name. They look something like that. Our bridesmaids will have yellow and a bit of blue to go with their grey dresses! 

And finally we even have found a caterer! James is so talented. He makes not only the most delicious bbq I've ever tasted he makes yummy brussel sprouts, macaroni and cheese, and more! Every things was just so good, I was relieved to have found someone who was also very down to earth and laid back with such talent.

And Save-the-dates are out! With the exception of a few that need to be whipped up :) No worries, I'll send them this week. Really I'm just stressing over getting out priest in order, we have yet to meet with him because it's so hard to get kc and I both home on a weekend that isn't insanely busy. But it will happen soon. It must! But I'm feeling relieved to have gotten so many other things taken care of. I love being able to cross things off the list! 

Anyway, I don't have any tid bits of wisdom this time just many updates! 

Happy Springtime!