Sunday, November 23, 2014

When you can't sleep, you might as well blog.

I was lying (laying? that one gets me) in bed and I had a thought...I need to start blogging again. And I'm supposed to be blogging regularly, for my job. But I haven't been. I've gotten so out of the habit of doing it for myself that I honestly dread doing it for my job. Sorry, Mom.

So I was lying/laying there in bed and decided that I have just gotten lazy and I need to stop! So of course, I couldn't go to sleep after deciding that I am simply being lazy.

I've also been afraid. I had a good thing going here and I just let it go. What would I write about if I came back to it? Would I have to start a new blog? How could I just, after over a year of silence, pick right back up and pretend like I didn't just up and disappear? I have already "changed" the blog once. How could I just up and change it again?! What right do I have?!!! Well, it is my blog. So I also decided that all this pent up anxiety was silly. I had over 300 views last month on a blog that I haven't written in almost 2 years. And while that really isn't a lot considering the amount of people in the world, it's a lot to me.

So here I am, world. I am, in fact, alive. And I am picking up the pen (keyboard?)! I have no idea where this is going to go but it will probably be about home projects, crafting, life thoughts, and still some wedding ideas. It may be more random than it was before, but that's ok...I think.