Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wedding on the Mind!

Good Evening All!

I had a lovely weekend visiting with my sister and we got lots of wedding plan done! Or thoughts organized anyway. Bridesmaid dress shopping has begun- the girls will look gorgeous in shades of grey! Plants kits just might make the perfect eco-friendly favor that I am looking for! And envelopes have been addressed for save-the-dates!

With 2 cake tastings and a meeting with a photographer more plans will be underway this weekend! The ideas are swirling in my head and it seems they are finally starting to fit together. Here are a few pics of ideas that just might show up at our wedding!

Succulents make great favors- GWS

I love this twine wrapped table number.
From Style Me Pretty.

Tons of Photo booth props! SMP

Love their dresses and hair accessories! GWS

This little bookcase is not only a great decorative piece but
houses some of the bride and grooms favorite things! GWS
My biggest predicament is figuring out what I want to do for music! DJ's freak me out- they talk in weird voices and play music that I would never want to listen to. Bands can be limiting and although Ipods are 100% personalized, they can't cater to how everyone is feeling at the moment. One thing that would really help me is if people would actually use our reception music request page on our wedding website! So if you haven't checked that out do it now! We're thinking of doing a band for a little because I love the idea of having live music and then just doing an ipod playlist for the rest of the time. We'll see how that plays out. Suggestions greatly appreciated here! 

Happy Planning


Friday, February 10, 2012

Inspiration Galore!


I am almost overwhelmed with the amount of inspiration out there. I just became a user of Pintrest...as if I need to add yet another place to find pictures of beautiful weddings and other things that inspire my life on the daily. It has become quite popular. I think sharing ideas is just the GREATEST. The amount of info and inspiration you find can be overwhelming and extremely hard to keep track of. But I am an organizational queen when it comes to my computer. I have a folder for everything (attire, cake, food, decor, you name it!) so that I can keep everything in its place. Plus it makes it easier to find! 

Anyway here is some new inspiration that I have come across this last week!

Love the idea of the long drapes, gives the barn a softer feel.

I think this is just the greatest idea! So personal.

Vintage mismatched dishes!

Love the chalk board menu idea...definitely doing that.

Great idea to display my escort cards!

Many of these images were found on Green Wedding Shoes in several different weddings. They get the best weddings to look at and admire! I spend too much time there i know...but you can't rely on your own brain to come up with ALL of the best ideas right! So I like to take all the great ideas others came up with and make them my own to create 1 great day with all the best ideas!

I just got my envelopes for my save-the-dates in the mail and I am a bit disappointed. They were supposed to be Sunflower Yellow yet...they are not. They are more like Crayola Mac-N-Cheese...ya know that crayon, a bit too orange I would say. I am rather upset about it BUT they HAVE to go in the mail so I am just going to have to suck it up this time.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Trying to Imagine

Happy Saturday Morning,

My favorite day of the week. One of the most difficult things about wedding planning, for me, is not being able to see it all together. All of the bits and pieces that you are creating or choosing along the way, you just have to imagine them all in the same place...it's a bit frustrating. It's just really difficult! This time, in particular, I'm think of center pieces. A few weeks ago, at the Philly Gift show, my mom and I picked out some beautiful lanterns, a greyish teal with a bit of a rustic finish. They're beautiful and I can't wait to see them in person, an until I do I feel like I can't pick anything else out really! I have some really beautiful vintage books with lovely colorful covers to use for stacking and such as well. I plan on adding vintage bird figurines, tons of candles everywhere and my favorite flowers, hydrangeas in vintage bottles. Got it in your mind? Ok now email me that picture please! :)

Here are some beautiful centerpiece ideas...

Green Wedding Shoes

Really bad but I think these were found at Ruffled, not positive though.

Love the little birds here
Love that gold!

So many uniquely beautiful ideas and not a single one use large branches of cherry blossoms coming out of obnoxiously large vases! Sorry that was a little mean :)

Be UNIQUE!!! And make it personal!