Sunday, November 20, 2011

I'm Still Alive

It has been much too long since my last post because unfortunately I have been much too busy. It's one thing to keep busy it's another thing to STAY buys allllll of the time. It's exhausting! And kinda unenjoyable...which is not a word. Needless to say I cannot not wait until thanksgiving break, and even more so until Christmas break. Because I need a break and a chance to do some wedding planning!

I have been working on designing all of my paper stuff starting with my save the dates and invitations! More to come on that, of course you wont get any pics of those until they're sent out ;). Sorry! Gotta keep some kinda of surprise, although I must say they're pretty AWESOME. I will show you a pic of this neat postcard idea that someone came up with:

Unfortunately I found these a few weeks ago and so I don't have the source. Please forgive me! 

Secondly, I will update you on some catering! I was home a few weekends ago and decided to check out this bbq place in downtown Frederick with my parents. I was super excited to go check it out but it didn't go quite as well as I had hoped! It was Saturday night so we had a bit of a wait which ok but by the time we were seated they had run out of pork and chicken! ON A SATURDAY NIGHT! So what we could order we were only impressed with about half of it. Better luck next time, right?! So we'll just cross that one off the list ;)
And to finish up today I will leave you with everyone's favorite-pictures of some awesome weddings! That I also do not have the source for because it's been weeks since I found these images as well. I promise I'll do better next time! And chances are I found them at Green Wedding Shoes...

The lighting in this pic to the right is dreamy! I hope we can achieve a similar look with some cheap paper lanterns, homemade paper poms and funky light bulbs!

Thanks for reading,


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Funky Boutonnieres!

Some people come up with the coolest boutonniere ideas! They're a little bit of an odd concept to me...miniature bouquets pinned to the guys' jackets but nonetheless these little things are adorable!

I have a feeling I know which one Kc will just love! Each of the guys could choose their own super hero! How cute! And I just love how the one on the red suspenders in the top pic is eye catching!
It just reminds me to keep things fun and personal.

Happy Planning!