Monday, February 2, 2015

A Not So Valentine Mantle

I love Christmas. So it was difficult for me to take down my pretty woodland inspired mantle– it was up halfway through January! I also didn't want to spend a whole lot of money on red and pink cupid stuff that I'd want to take down the day after the 14th. And I'm not really a cupid kind of girl. So I went more for a love inspired theme that could stay up a bit longer.

Barn Birdie | How to create a not so Valentine mantle!

I found some free printables on Pinterest, printed off a few of our wedding photos that I still haven't done anything with (yet!), and grabbed a few things that I had elsewhere. I did buy a couple things from my favorite shop, but all were items that could stay up year round so it was worth the money! These little love blocks are so cute and I can switch the pictures out so easily. They can hold cards, or love notes too!

Barn Birdie | How to create a not so Valentine mantle! I've had these punchy yellow frames in a box for ages. They're just super cheap frames from Ikea but I thought this was the perfect chance to use them. I found these prints that were free and went together perfectly. Yes, I could have made my own, but sometimes you have to know when to appreciate someone else's hard work.
I found this awesome brass stag out in the Vintage Warehouse and decided it needed a place on the mantle too. I love it! I also got those gold flower tea light holders from the Vintage Warehouse a while back– they add the perfect romantic touch.

Barn Birdie | How to create a not so Valentine mantle!

It still needs a touch of greenery for softness and a springy feel but everything is a work in progress, right? And if I only wrote a blog when I "finished" something I'd probably never post anything!


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