Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Favorites- Homemade Valentine's Dinner Edition

So I was a little bit of a procrastinator this week on writing my Friday Favorites post. Sitting here, not feeling so hot for the third in a row, I even thought about not writing one at all. But sometimes procrastination can lead to not having too much time to over think things which can lead to great and sudden ideas like this one!

Date Night Dinner and Dessert!

It's freaking cold outside. It's Valentine's weekend. I still haven't made dinner reservations because the thought of going out and trying to be all pretty and dressed up in this weather doesn't sound that appealing. So in case you're feeling like me and pondering the idea of staying in, here are some great recipes to try on your honey this weekend. We all make pinterest boards stocked with recipes– these are a few I have already tested out and they are definitely husband approved! I am no wiz in the kitchen, so they're totally doable for just about anyone. Plus, they're inexpensive and they'll be recipes you'll want to use again.

What is better during this frigid month than a bowl of hot and hearty soup? I've made this Sausage Bean Soup w/ Pasta three times this winter– it is so good. I'm also not a huge bean lover but I'm telling ya, give this a shot. I am however a huge fan of a one pot meal! Pair it with some biscuits or hearty Italian know, to clean your bowl with.

Sausage Bean Soup
Find the recipe at The Italian Dish

You, of course, need dessert! I have two cookie recipes for you. After I made the first one, my husband took one bite, turned around and said to me, "this may be the greatest cookie I have ever eaten." It was a White Chocolate Pumpkin Snickerdoodle. The second recipe is a Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie, that is more of a cake-like cookie that super moist like the top of a muffin. I absolutely love them and they're literally the easiest. Neither of these recipes calls for the full can of Pumpkin so they're great to make together! Plus you can make the Pumpkin Chocolate Chip while the Snickerdoodles dough is chilling.

White Chocolate Pumpkin Snickerdoodles
Find this recipe at Sally's Baking Addiction
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip
Find this recipe at I Heart Naptime

It is really that simple! Soup and cookies, and he will be even more in love than he was before dinner. I promise! Are you trying out any new recipes this weekend? Let me know if you try any of these and what you think!


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