Monday, May 30, 2011

Great Buys at the Auction!

Today I experienced my first auction and it certainly was a good one (extremely hot 98 degrees) but there were tons of great finds including these lots of Ball Mason Jars that I got for less than you'd find them almost anywhere! Definitely worth the heat. My mom also picked up some unique things for her next Vintage Warehouse sale (June 11th and 12th) which you can find more information about on her website as well as more pictures!

I got the lot of vintage medicine bottles for a great price too! So you may be asking what this has to do with my wedding planning. I will tell you!...or maybe I'll show you!

They make perfect eclectic vases that add beautiful color and have a rustic vintage feel!

The medicine bottles (with straws of course) make really cool drink containers too! Maybe I'm stretching it but the things we can come up with when we think outside of the box can be both creative and quite clever. I also picked up cool metal containers to throw some ice in and use as drink coolers. 
Overall, it was a very successful day and I can't wait to venture out to collect more unique finds (especially at auctions)! Moral of the story: you never know what great things you can find in the most unexpected places.

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