Friday, May 27, 2011

A great find!

Some time last week my mom and I went out to get stuff for the store and I, of course, found tons of things not for the store but for myself! One being this fantastic little journal:

You can get yours too from

And granted I have no clue who the little girl is on the front, it will make a perfect guest book! Or you could use it to keep all of your ideas in. But I would really love to do a photo booth if I can get my hands on a Polaroid camera and some film! So then our guests can choose their favorite snapshot, tape it in the book and leave a little note! It will be an awesome keepsake from our wedding that will be fun to look through for years to come.  

Easy inexpensive photobooth.

 Having a book for our guest to tape them in means we wont lose any along the way and I don't have to spend time putting them together!

This is another really great and unique idea that I have come across. Have your guests leave you little notes they can type up instead of having a traditional guest book. For a beach theme you could have them leave you a "message in a bottle," or for an outdoor wedding, set up a mailbox for your guests to put their letters in. Make it fun! And it's also a great opportunity for a really neat keepsake from your wedding that doesn't require a lot of money or work.

Have any unique ideas of your own?

Happy Planning


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