Thursday, June 16, 2011

Let there be Light!

I came across a blog last week, Bow Ties and Bliss with awesome pictures of awesome lighting ideas! And I realized that it was something that I had not thought too much about. Luckily, the barn is already lined with strands of white lights but I would like to add my own touch of course! They all looked looked like a fairytale, but a few in particular that I loved were:

Lovely Weddings by Shaja who sells lanterns!

From Style Me Pretty
 I love these lanterns! And even came across a tutorial on how to make similar ones- you know I love me some good DIY! I also really love this larger strung lights like in the first picture.

Knight Lights Events- check them out...they're awesome!

The pic above looks like it is straight out of a fairytale about an Enchanted Forest! So anyway this got the gears moving on an aspect of the wedding that I hadn't yet considered. I'll add it to the lengthy to-do list :)

Happy Planning!


  1. those are some pretty lights!


    Have you seen this? They look so pretty!

  3. They are pretty! I saw one kinda similar to that where they used yarn but I like that one better!