Wednesday, August 24, 2011

DIY seating cards and favors!

Now that I'm back at school, starting a few new jobs (no big deal!), and attempting to get situated in our new apartment (not to mention starting classes) I am just just over my head in STUFF. I keep thinking when will I ever get a break and then I remember that is what those last 3 months were supposed to be HA! Sometimes it's hard balancing current life with plans for future life and when you begin to get overwhelmed it's tough to stay motivated. In times like these I refer to my handy dandy INSPIRATION BOARD! And i dig deep for that inspired feeling. 

In the midst of all that digging I came across a few ideas involving DIY mustache/bird seating cards and DIY Sweetheart Tea bags that are cute as can be. Here are some pics of what I found:

The cards are made using a hand carved rubber stamp, I would do mustaches for boys and birds for girls! You can find the tutorial on this great blog called Lovely Indeed.

The handmade tea bags would make adorable (and delicious!) favors and were found on one of my favorites, The Sweetest Occasion. I love how easy it would be to personalize them using the birds and mustaches instead of hearts or by using our wedding colors instead of pink and blue. Sometimes it's ok to steal someone else' idea and add your own touch...right? ;)

Happy Planning...and good luck balancing!

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