Monday, August 29, 2011

Giirlll, that's my style!

Yes, emma. That is the title of this blog. Because it just fits so perfectly! Today Kc and I were discussing possible catering options and what we want to do about food (more to come on that soon!) and I came across some wedding pics on Green Wedding Shoes. I saw this awesome girl with this awesome belt and vail and wanted to yell, "DAMN girl! That's my STYLE!" (long story of where that come from. Take a look:

It's her grandmothers belt and veil from the 1940's (supposedly, not too sure that belt is actually from the 1940's but apparently it is, whatevs.) Anyway, I just LOVE it. She looks so gorgeous, and I just love her hair...which I think I could possibly pull off, what do you think?! 

And that necklace, just gorg. P.s. I want pockets. Time for more dress shopping, eh mom?

Happy Planning!


  1. DOPE. i love the "manly" belt with the whole adorable girlie look. also i'm just gonna go ahead and believe kc really wants chuckie cheese to cater the wedding.

  2. chuckie cheese at my wedding...oh man lol, god knows they prob changed there pizza and id be heart broken so ill just continue to dream of the pizza of the yester-years, Aaanyhoooo, mar! that dress does look very u, especially with the belt, do u have any family airloom belts to be passed down? lol and u can have pockets on a wedding dress??? i had no idea this was possible!?! good blog! ttysoon :P