Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sweets on my Mind

So I sorta fell off the face of the earth for a little while there. But we all get busy! Kc and I have been in too many states in too few days from South Carolina to Philadelphia to Long Beach Island. But great things have taken place! Like moving into our new and nice and roomy apartment! I can not wait to get decorating. So to be honest the wedding planning was put on a little bit of a pause but it's time to get inspired! By CAKE!

So yes, I'm craving some sweets and therefore thought that I could write a blog on cakes...or cupcakes...or pie? The truth is is I'm not totally sure what I want. I LOVE the idea of pie. It just feels so warm and comfortable and homey to me. But Kc LOVES cake and I think a lot of our family might be a little saddened if we didn't have any. Here are a few beautiful cakes that I love:

All off them beautiful...all of them very different. The third picture reminds me of the dress I really like except the cake may be more over the top ha! But I love that they would go well together. I also really like the idea of having just a small cake to cut with several different desserts to choose from. That way I can satisfy the taste of more of my guest!
I also really wanted to incorporate the bird and mustache theme into our desert by possibly doing cupcakes! So as you can see I'm a little all over the place on this one but I know some cake tastings will get me in order! Not to mention I think it will be Kc's favorite part! ;)

Happy Planning!

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