Friday, September 16, 2011

Study Break Inspiration

I have been researching and reading books on George Balanchine (for a design project) for about 3 hours now and decided it was time to take a little break. The lack of creativity reading entails drives me a little crazy and eventually leads to ADD. This is the perfect time to set it down, and relax my brain by pulling up my handy dandy Green Wedding Shoes, my most favorite wedding blog. They always feature pictures of the most beautiful and creative weddings that inspire me in so many ways. 

Probably my most favorite image I have come across yet:


Ok, It's obviously several images but they make such a beautiful grouping and completely capture the feel that I'm going for and admire. Thanks Mom, I now LOVE old things. :) 
You should see my apartment...

How adorable is this? This would be so easy (and cheap) to recreate in your own way!

And there's my little tag things that I want to make for seating cards. Love love love it.

The brides dress is so gorgeous and yet simple which I just love. And the plaid shirts
with the navy blue dresses is brilliant. They look so casual and comfortable, and yet very well put together. That is exactly what I hope to achieve. I want our bridal party to feel comfortable but not look disjointed. Thank you
GWS for inspiring me to do something different. Afterall, who wants to have a traditional standard wedding, right?! 
Your wedding should represent you...and your soon-to-be Husband. Just kidding, Kc!
Really though, it's your celebration so make it yours.

 Happy Inspiration Hunting!

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  1. The ideas you have come up with are really fun and creative. Your wedding is going to be so pleasantly beautiful. I can't wait to see it all unfold perfectly for you and KC.