Friday, September 23, 2011

The count down begins!

Hello readers! So I really wanted to write a blog yesterday on the 1 year mark till the big day but tuesdays and thursdays are just not good for me so today it is! We have so much work to do but i didn't want to jump the gun before I really knew what I wanted. So it is time to really start working on all of the paper stuff (save the dates, seating cards, invitations, etc...). I found a little bit of inspiration to share, of course!

 So I kinda did a bad thing and didn't pay attention to where I was pulling these from. The first is from GWS. The others I found just in a google search. My bad...

I have a lot of research to still do on that one, being that my major is Graphic design I feel this extra pressure that they have to be AWESOME or everyone will feel let down. So I'll do my best in coming up with an idea...or I'll put the pressure on one of my lovely graphic design friends. :) 

I found a new awesome blog today while looking for these save the dates! It is called Grey Likes Weddings, and there are some really awesome ideas on this blog! It's a little less funky than some of my other favorites but this one has some potential to reach into my top favs for sure. So check that out and let me know if you come across and cool ideas that you love!

And to finish today's post off I have a few images ( also from GWS) that have been sitting on my desktop that I have been dying to share with you and archive into my folder of great ideas! 

How cute is that cake with the little heart?! I loooove the simplicity. And that sign- I WILL make that. No need for programs! And we'll do one of those for the menu as well. It's a great way to save on cost and it's a lot better for the environment to make one than print 100. PLUS you are left over with a cool piece of art (if you make it cool) to hang as a way to remember your day. Loves it.

Happy Friday,


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