Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I found a dress!

I'm so excited to report that I found a dress! I wish I could post a picture so you could see but unfortunately I can because 1. it would make this post so much more interesting and fun to read and 2. because I really do wish I could show you but I'm not allowed :P I actually wanted to post some pictures of other dresses that I tried on but my sister felt like even that was too much! I can say that I am actually surprised with my selection. :) It will be perfect for the barn setting and is very vintage inspired, but that's it! I shall say no more.

So instead I shall discuss hair. Everyone asks me if I'm going to grow my hair out as if in order to be a bride you must have long hair! No, I'm not growing my hair out. The most difficult part is that most brides do not have short hair (especially not as short as mine) and so getting inspiration is tough. Especially when any hair above the shoulder is considered short- that just makes me laugh. But I did come across one lovely bride with short hair found here.

I thought she looked lovely with the short hair and the headband is just perfect. I hope I can achieve something this cute! If a grow it out at all it wont be longer than like a chin length bob because my hair grows so slow and I'm just not the type of person to deal with hair that I don't like so much day to day just so I can have updo on my wedding day. To me, it's just not worth it. Plus, I wanna look like me! There's no sense in trying to appease the standard on YOUR day.

Well the planning ball is really beginning to roll so I shall be better about updating, I promise!

Happy Holidays!



  1. I love the headband idea! So cute, original and perfectly you!! :)

  2. This girl is beautiful but you are gorgeous with your short hair! It will be beautiful on your wedding day no matter what you decide!

  3. where can I get that headdress?