Saturday, February 4, 2012

Trying to Imagine

Happy Saturday Morning,

My favorite day of the week. One of the most difficult things about wedding planning, for me, is not being able to see it all together. All of the bits and pieces that you are creating or choosing along the way, you just have to imagine them all in the same's a bit frustrating. It's just really difficult! This time, in particular, I'm think of center pieces. A few weeks ago, at the Philly Gift show, my mom and I picked out some beautiful lanterns, a greyish teal with a bit of a rustic finish. They're beautiful and I can't wait to see them in person, an until I do I feel like I can't pick anything else out really! I have some really beautiful vintage books with lovely colorful covers to use for stacking and such as well. I plan on adding vintage bird figurines, tons of candles everywhere and my favorite flowers, hydrangeas in vintage bottles. Got it in your mind? Ok now email me that picture please! :)

Here are some beautiful centerpiece ideas...

Green Wedding Shoes

Really bad but I think these were found at Ruffled, not positive though.

Love the little birds here
Love that gold!

So many uniquely beautiful ideas and not a single one use large branches of cherry blossoms coming out of obnoxiously large vases! Sorry that was a little mean :)

Be UNIQUE!!! And make it personal!


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