Friday, February 10, 2012

Inspiration Galore!


I am almost overwhelmed with the amount of inspiration out there. I just became a user of if I need to add yet another place to find pictures of beautiful weddings and other things that inspire my life on the daily. It has become quite popular. I think sharing ideas is just the GREATEST. The amount of info and inspiration you find can be overwhelming and extremely hard to keep track of. But I am an organizational queen when it comes to my computer. I have a folder for everything (attire, cake, food, decor, you name it!) so that I can keep everything in its place. Plus it makes it easier to find! 

Anyway here is some new inspiration that I have come across this last week!

Love the idea of the long drapes, gives the barn a softer feel.

I think this is just the greatest idea! So personal.

Vintage mismatched dishes!

Love the chalk board menu idea...definitely doing that.

Great idea to display my escort cards!

Many of these images were found on Green Wedding Shoes in several different weddings. They get the best weddings to look at and admire! I spend too much time there i know...but you can't rely on your own brain to come up with ALL of the best ideas right! So I like to take all the great ideas others came up with and make them my own to create 1 great day with all the best ideas!

I just got my envelopes for my save-the-dates in the mail and I am a bit disappointed. They were supposed to be Sunflower Yellow yet...they are not. They are more like Crayola Mac-N-Cheese...ya know that crayon, a bit too orange I would say. I am rather upset about it BUT they HAVE to go in the mail so I am just going to have to suck it up this time.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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