Monday, May 7, 2012

It's time- Let the DIY Begin!

Hey there!

I am just so happy that summer break has finally begun! I know, it's only May but that is one of the perks of being a college student. Now I can proceed to start making all of those fabulous things that I have been posting and saving pictures of! I finally have time and it's a good thing because it's gonna fly by. Some of the projects I hope to start soon include table numbers, INVITATIONS of course, as well as designing any other paper goods, and all the chalkboards we'll use! There is still planning to be done as well as shopping for bridesmaids dresses and shoes! So many things to do- it's really time to start whipping out the checklist. Otherwise there is no way I'll remember everything I still need to do!

Anyway, enough of the updating, I'll get to the fun part- pictures! Here are a few ideas that will inspire my DIY decor for our wedding:

As you can see, all of these pics came from :)
It is really hard for me to decide on table numbering- there are so many clever and creative ideas. I think I'm going to go with the top idea and use some cool vintage paper with either birds or mustaches. Here are some more really cool ideas I came across:

These were found on WeddingWire which is a great tool that I highly recommend to all brides!
I like the use of wood in the first 2 and the 3rd is just so chic. I don't want our center pieces to seem crowded with the lanterns, the little vases with flowers, and other tidbits so I'm still considering doing the numbers on the jar. Better make up my mind soon!

Happy DIY-ing!


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