Sunday, August 12, 2012

40 days

Happy Sunday!

Today was a lovely day! And I got many things accomplished with the help of my sister. 

9:00 It was an early start as I arrived at Justine's church, (my bff) to sing with her at her church. It went really well, I had a lot of fun and it got me in a good mindset for the day.

11:30 Annie and I had an appointment with the Hair and Make Up artist(?) She did a test run on our hair which went quite well. We decided not to post pics and leave it to be a surprise but I will tell you that pretty braids were featured in both of our updo's :) We were able to multi task and order the favors while Lauren did our hair! Two things to cross off the list at once- check and check!

1:00 We began crafting! Or cleaning rather haha. We're using vintage china so we began pulling that out and loading into the dishwasher. Next! Wash jars! Yeah not the most exciting thing ever but you gotta do the dirty work first right?

Alright time for the fun part, the jars! Finally all washed up we began tagging. Remember those tags I made in a previous post?

Find out how I made these here.

They're being tied to the mason jars so everyone's cup already has their name on it!

Scout wanted to know what was so interesting :P
I can't wait to see what they look like topped off with an old fashioned spiral straw!

Happy Planning!



  1. OMG, your wedding is going to be awesome! I am planning a wedding for next august, was googling key tags as drink tags because i thought that they would be perfect for my vintage and rustic charm wedding, and your lil tutorial is perfect!

    From what i read our weddings will be very similar, I am using mason jars, burlap and vintage china as well. I have all my china but am still gathering the other stuff.

    So with that being said, i am really looking forward to your posts before and after your wedding, and at seeing pictures of the final product. And maybe you can sell me some of your burlap squares and pennants when your done with them!

    congrats and good luck!