Monday, August 27, 2012

Something Old & Borrowed

Evening Friends!

All summer I've been gearing up and doing a lot of thinking about where I want to go from here. I don't want to be designer...I just don't have it in me. I don't have it in me to take criticism from clients who know nothing about design! Congrats if you do...that takes a lot of self constraint and patience.

So what shall I do? I love taking old things and making them new. I have a design background. And I also love event planning. I have learned that through the course of planning my own. While I may be stressed doing it, it's different sort of stress than designing stress. It's not in a self-depleting sort of way where no matter what you make it never quite feels good enough. And it's not the kind of stress where you're forced to create things that just don't come naturally. Anyway, a little off track here...I decided that I could create a blend of the three- especially while Vintage Events are very in. 

Two words- Vintage Rentals, particularly for weddings and photo shoots as well as events like Tea Parties, Bridal Showers etc... I get to keep my vintage inventory full of fresh stock that I love creating while selling pieces that have been around a while (and are still in good shape). While there are all sorts of vintage themed weddings out there for us to drool's not that easy to come by great pieces for a reasonable price. Most people don't want to purchase furniture or the accessories themselves and certainly don't want to take the time to refinish them the way they want. Who has the time to do all of that? And what do you do with it in the end? You rent them instead. :)

I'm sooo excited to get this started as a branch of our current store Timeless Trends Boutique. I plan to work on all of the branding and such as my senior capstone project...if I don't make all of it before I get to next semester! Pictured are a couple pieces that I picked up as part of our starting inventory as well as some other pieces that would be great for a rental.

If you are interested in renting some of our pieces for your event let us know! You can contact us through the store site or on here- we have a large collection of pieces as well as a space you can rent to hold smaller events (tea, themed birthday, showers etc...)

Happy Planning!


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  1. Really looking forward to working with you on this expansion of the business.