Thursday, August 30, 2012

23 Days

I can't believe I'm getting married in 23 days ahhhhh!

Kc and I are off to get our Marriage License tomorrow and to have our final meeting with the deacon! I'm so glad to have a long weekend to get lots of wedding crafting accomplished. I have lots of little banners to assemble and paint among other creative tasks to complete.

I'd love to make something like this for the dessert table but ours mights say "How Sweet It Is..." but that's pretty long- we'll see how much patients I have!

Also! I am 100% stealing this idea because I love it! We already have the wheel and everything...and look! She's got our date! Both of these found on this lovely etsy shop. She has all sorts of neat things.

I've been hand doing all of our lettering. It appears that she uses stencils...or maybe she's just that amazing. Something to definitely consider if you are making your own and aren't exactly confident in your painting/lettering abilities. These are really easy to make, just a bit time consuming. I can post a "how to" explaining how I made mine once I start working them this weekend.

I STILL have to cut out our table squares. I know, I know! Just do it already! I will. This weekend.

My mom got us our little bird's nest for our rings! I have yet to have seen it but I'd love to achieve something like this (also found on etsy):

We've got the lemonade stand to build and our photobooth backdrop to create! All of the fun stuff at this point. :) I went to the dentist today and she asked if I am sleeping haha! Yes, I am sleeping quite well. In fact I think I'm more tired than usual and yes, stressed but ecstatic! My schedule at school is awesome this semester and is leaving adequate time for planning and working and the never-ending journey of staying organized and on top of things. I expect the next few weeks to get a bit crazier but I'll manage, as we always do. :)

Happy Planning! 


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