Thursday, September 20, 2012

1 day, 15 hours 49 minutes...or so

Ahhh I'm getting married!

I finally have just a few moments before bed to reflect.

This past week has been INSANE! Finishing our first big design project, and just trying to get to a point in school that I wouldn't be completely behind when I came back upon SO MANY last minute details. After all, I am the queen of last me. There are a few things that I wish I could have found the time to not save until now but, hey! I'm a busy lady whether I'm planning a wedding or not!

It's been an insanely stressful last 2 weeks and even though I feel a little bit behind as far as some of the decorating goes...I finally feel like I can breathe again. That must be a good sign right? I can finally just sit and feel super excited that I'm marrying my best friend!!!

On another note, I have been obsessively checking the weather:
Well, they do say a bit of rain on your wedding day is good luck, right?! And it shouldn't last long. I think it will happen during the ceremony...hopefully while I am IN the church only, please and thank you, God :) The good news is that it will definitely cool things down which will be good considering the barn has no air conditioning and I'd rather not bust out those large barn fans! And we've actually repositioned where cocktail hour will take place in case some sprinkles carry over. Always have a back up plan when you are working with Earth.

So sure, Mother Nature, you have my permission to give us a brief thunderstorm- just make it quick!

There is much to do in this final day before so I better get to bed!

Night :)


ps...I'm getting married!!!!!!

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