Wednesday, September 12, 2012

10 Days- Some inspiration!


As we're wrapping up our last minute wedding planning and crafting I did a little image research to help my family in understanding my vision. My people :) have really stepped it up these last few days in helping me go from pictures and ideas to real life! My dad and I started crafting the photobooth back drop this past week- I'll have pictures tomorrow or the next day for ya! My mom has been calling left and right to tie up all the last minute details and has begun working on her designated crafts with my brother and aunt. I cannot wait to see what they've created when I get home next week.

Here are a few images I found for my family to get what I meant when I said:

Vintage. Rustic Chic.

I sincerely apologize that I do not have sources on these images- they were either found through Google-ing or on Green Wedding Shoes, I believe.

We have been creating a list of all of the little vintage vignettes that will be set up through out the space- indoor and out. We have plans of a vintage couch and chair setting. Some colorful metal chairs with a trunk coffee table. A neat shabby chic dresser for our dessert table and some other little spots to take a seat and relax a minute.

One of the best parts of the day will be seeing everything together in one area. One of the great things about our venue, Lawyer's Event Barn, is that we get to start setting up on Thursday! So we'll get a little preview as well as the chance to set everything up just the way we want it- no rush.

Being that the reception is taking place in a barn, I want to really keep the decor pretty chic. I want it to feel casual but not hoe-down casual. I mean I know we're having bbq and all but this will be the most tasty fancy bbq you will ever experience!

I absolutely LOVE this look. I wish that every table could be a gorgeous farm table with an array of chairs. But lets be real- sometimes there are things you have to scale down. While we actually considered collecting 100 chairs we decided to just do vintage chairs around the head table with high back chairs for the Groom and I. :)

Some people may look at little groupings like these and say what's the point? Not everything must serve some kind of function! Some things are simply for beauty. It's like accessorizing and outfit! It just adds a feel- completes the look like a necklace or a pair of earrings might complete a dress. It can totally set the tone of your event which can really affect your guests mood. People may tell you not to get too wrapped up in the details...but if it's something you're passionate about and will help complete your day- go for it!

I am sooo excited to get decorating! AND for my craft day with some of my bridesmaids on Friday! I just have this strong image of what I want my day to look like and I plan on turning that into a reality.

If it's stressing you- let it go. But if you just get a little lazy about it you'll probably sorry later that you didn't go that extra few steps.

Happy bit'o'my wisdom :P


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  1. i cannot waiiiiitttttttt. I live for groupings of pretty things.