Sunday, January 4, 2015


If you haven't heard or seen that word enough this year (aka the last 3 days) then behold. You should read on!

I keep reading that you have a better chance of actually keeping your new year's resolutions if you write them down. So I figured what better place to write them than here where others will read them? Maybe then I'll feel more pressured to actually keep mine. Though, I must say, I feel pretty good about my 2014 resolution to pray more. I never wrote that one down...I just prayed on it. It worked!

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This year I hope to put my creativity to work. I ready to get crafty! There are so many crafts I've wanted to do but have honestly been to lazy to do them. I also hope to make more of my time. It's time to streamline my process. Even when I am working, blogging, social media(ing?) I know that there is a more efficient way to be doing it. I just have to spend the time to get organized and create a process. Creativity and time are both so precious. And I was lazy with both last year. This year I'm ready to kick it up a notch! As they say, we create our own success, right?


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