Wednesday, September 5, 2012

17 days!


I am so relieved! We have found a pianist. I didn't tell you that we didn't have a pianist because I wanted to save you from the worry! Just kidding! I was just so embarrassed to be so ridiculously behind on such an important task. But I am incredibly relieved to finally be crossing off a task that was stressing me out so terribly. My voice lessons teacher from high school pulled through for me!

I finally got those table squares cut! I even added little bows to the corners...currently 2 corners and I may add them to the other 2 corners as well. These were so easy to make. I simply measured the square size we needed and cut them. For the bows, I used twine and just threaded it through with a little pair of scissors, you can see the little stitch below. It was a bit time consuming but easy enough anyway.

I finished up our seating chart using WeddingWire's INCREDIBLE application. I really can't get over how awesome their tools are and how helpful they've been in planning our wedding. The seating chart is particularly cool because you can little build your reception area!

I also finished tagging all of the jars with everyone's names and went for my first dress fitting! It was a very successful weekend as far as wedding planning goes.
  • Schedule and have final fitting and alterations done on my dress.
  • Order Rentals
  • Finish up burlap decorations
  • Make Photo Booth backdrop
  • Finish tagging jars
  • Finish making chalkboard
  • Get Kc a bowtie
  • Get gifts for all those people we get gifts for
Progress has been made on the photobooth in that we have a plan on how it is going to be decorated. I really can't wait to get that done and put some pics up!

Keeping a running to-do list helping me stay sane and know exactly what I need to do next. I actually bought a white board to-do list from target and it's really great because it's constantly reminding me of important tasks. I highly recommend getting one just for life in general!

Happy Planning!


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