Monday, November 19, 2012


Hi again!

So as the wedding planning chapter has sadly but also happily ended, we're on to NEW things! I have a lot more time to focus on a new baby...Old & Borrowed, which I have talked a lot about lately. Although planning our wedding has ended, I hope that wedding planning in general has not ended for me. The truth is I'm so sad that it's over! Just as everyone had warned me, it happened too fast.

Though that chapter has ended, this blog has not! I plan to continue my story which is now our story as we begin this new chapter of our lives...we being Kc and I but also we being my mom and I. We're stepping into a whole new realm with this one and we want to do it BIG. We want to do it right.

So this has officially become the blog of Old & Borrowed. It will still feature DIY projects and inspiration as well as the story of our new business.



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